How to Enhance Your Sales Team’s Digital Communication with Media Channels and Content

How can sales teams leverage the right content to accelerate the sales process while ensuring engagement? The answer is content, but what that content is and its intent are evolving.

Discussing this shift and “new” media channels, Community Reengaged host Daniel Litwin spoke with MarketScale Digital Media Strategist Shannon Maverick.

B2B sales teams had unique struggles in 2020, but there was already a transformation happening. For example, salespeople no longer had in-person meetings or events to rely on, so it took different approaches to keep stakeholders engaged. A sale in B2B typically means convincing multiple decision-makers.

“Keeping all parties engaged in the conversation is difficult. Marketing helps sales team create engaging content tailored to all those people,” Maverick explained.

Channels that were once critical, like trade shows, are now legacy; however, this facilitated opportunity. “It opened the idea of media content. Creating channels that allow customers to join a community of peeps means they’ll think of you when a problem you can solve arises,” Maverick explained.

The vehicle for this media content isn’t new. Podcasts, webinars and live virtual events aren’t novel. Maverick argued that it’s the intent behind the content that represents the change. “It’s more about creating a community (so) that your buyer almost has FOMO. It’s not a sale pitch but rather a keynote about the industry.”

An additional struggle that organizations face is sales-marketing alignment. These teams often sit in silos or have friction between them. Maverick noted that she preferred the concept of “revenue teams” versus “sales and marketing teams,” something she learned from a guest on her podcast Maverick of Marketing.

Lastly, Maverick urged salespeople to “break away from hiding behind their brand.” She continued, saying, “They need to invent their own brand, strategy and network.”

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