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Greg Crumpton lives by a simple mantra: Relationships drive business. Each week on Straight Outta Crumpton, Crumpton dives into the lost art of networking and speaks with the biggest influencers in business services to learn how they build, nurture and value their professional relationships.


On this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, Hosts Greg Crumpton and Tyler Kern talked with Rafik Galyanurov, Managing Partner Baikal Mechanical, a family-owned OEM established in 2015. They have a combined 45 years of experience in commercial, institutional, and industrial HVAC markets. The success of our company relies on customer satisfaction through solid product engineering, flexible design, and service follow-through both during and after installation. We provide on-site services to identify current system capacities and help clients design replacements. We also offer full technical support on our controls and fan product lines.

Crumpton connected with Rafik via LinkedIn. The connection started when Crumpton was watching some of the unique retrofits and repairs they were doing. He had a trip planned to NYC, so he reached out to Rafik to see if they could connect while he was in town. “I’m going to call Rafik up and see if we can hang out for an afternoon and learn more about their company,” Crumpton said.

The trip happened, and he found Rafik, and Crumpton ended up at one of their job sites. They stayed in touch. Building relationships is Crumpton’s business, so he connected and thought that he, selfishly, might be able to utilize Rafik’s services.

Rafik founded his business after working in a bakery. While baking, he learned that there was no room to grow as a person. The routine of that life didn’t suit him, so when his brother took a job at an HVAC company. His brother’s stories about HVAC life prompted him to jump into that career.

Down the road, the company he did HVAC for hit another career roadblock. He started working in a hospital, then went into college, earning his engineering degree. This eventually led him down the road to Baikal.

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