Allen Sanderson

Senior Lecturer, Economics University of Chicago

Allen Sanderson is a senior lecturer in economics at the University of Chicago. A graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of Chicago, he came to Chicago from Princeton in 1984; served eight years as associate provost of the University; and has also been a senior research scientist at NORC. In addition to his popular two-quarter sequence principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, he teaches a course and does research on the economics of sports.

He has also led three interdisciplinary team-taught courses: “Inequality: Origins, Dimensions & Policy”; “UChicago Economics: The People and the Seminal Ideas”; and “Sport, Society and Science.” He has received a Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and has the distinction of having taught more students at Chicago than anyone in the history of the University. He has run the Chicago Marathon three times.