How did a family company making storage solutions out of necessity grow to become a trusted leader in vertical storage and inventory management solutions? For answers, Vertical with Vidir went straight to the source. Ernest Rempel, CEO, and Peter Dueck, Co-Owner of Vidir, spoke about its evolution and growth during the past 35 years.

Dueck’s father-in-law started Vidir Solutions when he and his sons recognized the need for a better storage solution for their lumber business. Vidir began with a carousel storage product.

“[He] was almost surprised at the market reception,” Dueck said. “When other distributors and flooring retailers saw the ease and efficiency with which this machine was handling carpet and vinyl, it became something that everyone wanted and needed.”

But one value that did not get left behind as the company grew was its commitment to its team.
“One of the things I noticed very quickly when I joined (Vidir), and one of the things Mr. Dueck, the founder, mentioned to me on more than one occasion, was the value of the people that worked at Vidir,” Rempel said.

Partnering with people who could achieve the goals and mission of the company is what makes Vidir successful.

There is no “cannot do” at Vidir. Rempel said the company might choose not to do something, but there is no challenge worth doing that they feel they cannot accomplish.

“The desire to find that solution is what really gives us our biggest opportunity for growth,” Rempel said. “Our team believes we can solve any problem. We’ve evolved in our tech and our electronic capabilities, so it’s not just steel and motors anymore. We keep learning, and we keep designing, and that allows us to do things like the new VLM that we’re releasing.”

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