Flintco has been a leader in construction management for 110 years, working on impactful civic projects big and small. In order to keep this long record of service and expertise, Flintco seeks smart and innovative employees to join the team.

On this jobcast episode of Flintco Forward we explore the open role of Project Manager at Flintco and what this job entails. Flintco employees Tony DeStefano, VP of Human Resources, and Cole Butcher, Flintco Senior Project Manager, join the conversation to talk about what a Project Manager is, and what they can do at Flintco.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee the role of Project Manager is a full-time job requiring five to six years of experience in the field of construction and/or a Bachelors in Construction or Engineering. Butcher lists the benefits of being based in a growing city like Memphis, among them Memphis’ mouth-watering dry rub BBQ.

“There’s big things on the horizon for the city. So that’s exciting to see and also be a part of,” Butcher said.

DeStefano elaborates on what Flintco is looking for in a Project Manager.

“As we evolve and take on bigger projects, the role that we’re looking for…is gonna’ be committed to helping us execute projects that are gonna’ have a significant impact on the community,” he said.

Emphasizing community above all, DeStefano said the Project Manager will work on “cornerstone pieces,” that make a difference in the city, “whether it’s healthcare, higher education, or just corporate office space…”

Flintco emphasizes that they are looking for a “hands on” leader.

“We want people who challenge the way we do things to find the best solution,” DeStefano said. With plenty of opportunity for rising up in the ranks, the Project Manager role at Flintco is just the start of a flourishing career for a critical thinker and strong leader.

If you’d like to apply for this position of Project Manager, click here.

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