Women are changing the way the world does business for the better as they inhabit roles of leadership, jobs in engineering and careers in traditionally male-dominated industries.

This is no truer than in the world of food processing and manufacturing. MarketScale’s Food & Beverage Podcast explores how women are making waves in this realm, fighting for new ideas and establishing a female presence.

Guests Kate Rome and Mary George, co-chairs of the FPSA’s (Food Processing Suppliers Association) Women’s Alliance Network, share personal stories and informed opinions about women instigating much-needed change in food processing manufacturing.

Rome and George both agree that it all starts with education. With the overall cultural push for girls to go into STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) careers, the industry of manufacturing is feeling the trickle-down effect of seeing more women in engineering and leadership roles.

Rome told the story of her own father failing to realize her potential to lead the family business, citing the deep need for a cultural shift in what women see as possible. FPSA’s Women’s Alliance Network helps women help themselves by bolstering females with belief, possibility and opportunity.

Overall, women are bringing diversity to the industry of food processing manufacturing, and, as George said, diversity breeds creativity. A multitude of minds must sit at the table for great ideas to be born.

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