Two of the industries that have felt the largest impact from the current COVID-19 health crisis are the restaurant & hospitality industries. Restaurant owners across the nation are quickly scrambling to figure out how to best maximize their workforce for a delivery and takeout-only culture for the foreseeable future.
The largest hotel brands are trying to minimize the amount of employees that will have to be furloughed until the travel industry starts to recover once the stay-in-shelter orders are hopefully lifted later this spring.
With so much uncertainty still for these two industries, The Voice of B2B speaks with Christa Jaganath CPA, Audit Senior Manager at Briggs & Veselka Co., about how the first round of the stimulus bill impacted the response by hoteliers and restaurant owners.
As the pause in our country’s economy that was expected to be temporary appears every day to last much longer than anticipated, we asked Jaganath what the long term financial recovery steps are that businesses should start preparing for.

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