In the latest episode of Made in America, MarketScale visited the Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company to get a glimpse of how it makes its famous bourbon, Town Branch. After learning so much about how the renowned Kentucky brewery stepped into the distilling game, we wanted to check in with a Texas brewery to gauge how long-awaited deregulation in the alcohol world is impacting its business strategy.

Building Community

Craft breweries are inherently local. With close to 8,000 breweries in the United States, local beer providers have never been more popular. In Arlington, Texas, Legal Draft Beer Company has been giving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with a local option since 2015.

The company began when Co-Founder Greg McCarthy realized that Texas was an underserved region in terms of beer options and thought his community would benefit from its own taproom. Not only does the brewery provide Arlington a family-friendly gathering spot, but it also provides jobs to those in the region.

McCarthy sat down with MarketScale to discuss the business climate for craft breweries, Legal Draft’s growth strategy and the importance of community involvement and innovative product offerings.

Catch Up On Made In America

If you’ve ever had a glass of American whiskey, there’s a high chance it was distilled near Lexington, Kentucky. On this bonus episode of Made In America, we discover what has made this drink so popular for generations, and how Kentucky puts its own stamp on it.