Home Diagnostic Reporting Delivered Through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Healthcare faces many global challenges. There is a critical shortfall of skilled workers in diagnostic imaging that requires innovative solutions to help mitigate the gaps. An aging population requires care, which drives up diagnostic imaging needs but there are not enough workers to meet the demands. Intel is partnering with companies like MITIS Health to meet these challenges. Intel IoT Group’s Maria Meriacre, and MITIS Health’s CEO, Rahul Mehta, spoke with Gabrielle Bejarano on innovative ways to solve some of the issues through home diagnostic reporting.

Hiring more skilled workers seems the obvious answer, but if the past two years are any indication, finding and employing those skilled workers isn’t simple. After the toll of the pandemic, many healthcare workers are looking for different careers or shortening their hours. But if there is a silver lining to the pandemic, it could be adopting new technologies that can assist with these staffing challenges.

Remote work capabilities are one example. “The same applies to the healthcare environment,” Meriacre says. “We’ve seen a rise in what some would call telehealth.” Telehealth opens new avenues to seek care from professionals who no longer need to be in the exact location where a patient is, “From a telehealth point of view, looking at how technologies can enable more care where it isn’t possible to be face-to-face and getting a diagnosis in a timely manner,” notes Meriacre.

Taking these technologies, a step further, a professional could provide a radiology diagnosis through telehealth with an at-home diagnostic kit. “When you are looking at care equality, and you start thinking about how people are interacting and getting more access to being looked at from a patient perspective, the industry’s moved forward leaps and bounds.” Mehta says, “Trying to bring care to more remote places as well to help with care inequality has gotten more attention now that we have more telehealth solutions coming online.”

MITIS’s health virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides at-home reporting specifically designed for diagnostic purposes. “We looked at the premise of VDI and the mechanics of how that was being delivered,” Mehta says, “We looked at the components available in the market today to see if there was a way of using commodity technology, hardware, and software to deliver that mechanism to a hospital and a radiologist.” There wasn’t a solution available, so MITIS built one through partnerships with Intel and others.

Learn more about health virtual desktop infrastructure by connecting with Maria Meriacre and Rahul Mehta on LinkedIn or visit:

Intel Health and Life Sciences

MITIS Health

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