I Don’t Care: Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media

Whether you’re self employed or work for a major company, having a personal brand can be important. But not everyone knows how best to brand themselves, or they’re not comfortable with putting themselves out there in that way. How can someone make their own persona brand and make it work for them?

On this episode of I Don’t Care with Kevin Stevenson, the host talks with Alexandra Powell, Account Management Manager at AMN Healthcare, about making a personal brand, as well as talent staffing in healthcare. Both Stevenson and Powell understand that not everyone wants to make themselves a brand, but with her work, Powell knows how important it can be to market one’s self, no matter their field.

“I think it really starts with self-awareness” says Powell. “If you are a person that says ‘hey, I don’t want to talk about myself’, well, that’s a really great place to start.” From here, Powell says one can take one of many various personality tests to help determine the best way to present yourself and “discovering that sense of self.” It’s all about “self-awareness, plugging into what drives you, what brings you joy, what fills your buckets.” Powell also points out that establishing a personal brand takes time. Good branding “is not something that happens overnight.”

This episode also covers:

  1. The importance of helping out others if you have the skills to do so.
  2. The importance of endorsements and recommendations from others.
  3. Putting yourself out there and being inquisitive.

When it comes to talent staffing in the medical field, Powell brings up the importance of working with her partners to present the best version of a physician to a provider. She knows that her own experience and skills allow her to help those in the medical field reach the right people and places for a job position. “When we work together in collaboration to present providers to our market place partners, we have to make sure that we’re presenting that best clinician, that best provider.”

Alexandra Powell is an Account Management Manager at AMN Healthcare; before, she was their Behavioral Health Account Manager. Powell is also Yoga Instructor and Owner of The Healing Center Texas. She also has a work history of being a consultant for companies like Goldfish Medical Staffing and Marlin Medical Solutions.

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