An innovation cannot truly be labeled as such if end-users are unable to use it. Education around new products is critical to the advancement of industry and technology and the 5G movement currently stands in flux as people try to absorb what it is capable of.

At IWCE 2019, MarketScale asked experts and industry insiders what concerned them about the public perception of 5G and what must be done before and during the quickly-approaching rollout of this new era for wireless connectivity.

“There needs to be more education of the technologies that are being worked on,” Teresa Maher, President of ETA International, said.

Not only are students not receiving the necessary training to utilize 5G and other connected technology, but the current workforce is not being educated enough while on the job, some at IWCE claimed.

“The industry lacks a certified registration program for installers, designers and people who do annual maintenance and testing on systems,” Alan Perdue, executive director of the Safer Buildings Coalition, said.

5G providers and signal carriers will have to find a way to educate more people, including business owners and executives, of the benefits of the service. That is why conferences like IWCE 2019 are so important to the near future of connectivity.

According to the Harvard Business Review, there is still significant doubt and skepticism among business leaders of the impact of 5G. Without the embrace from this community, 5G may not get the credit it deserves as a revolutionary upgrade in speed and connectivity.

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