5G for shoppers


Over the next year 5G will roll out to most major cities around the world.
Faster internet speeds and a decline in latency will lead to quicker and more seamless payments.
According to PPRO research, 45% of global e-commerce purchases are made on a mobile device. Faster speeds and a wider net of coverage will help lift the online shopping experience to new levels.
Currently there is only 49% global internet penetration but the launch of 5G will begin coverage in the remaining parts of the world. E-wallets have become an increasingly popular payment method due to their ease of use and seamless smartphone integration.
After 5G, consumers will be able to pay and shop wherever and whenever they want to, with little resistance. They’ll also receive instant confirmation of their purchases.
Retailers and merchants that embrace these different mobile payment methods will be ready to take advantage of this growing opportunity.