Digital Dining Experience: When Kiosk and Pay at Table Technologies Transform the Customer Experience

May 12, 2023
Barbara Castiglia


Two words that should be synonymous? Restaurants and technology. Let’s face it, technology is here to stay, especially in restaurants. Not only can it help with staff shortages, but leveraging technology in the restaurant industry can help transform the customer experience. How? On the latest episode of The Main Course with Barbara Castiglia, EVP of QikServe, Robert Taylor, discusses the benefits of kiosk and payattable digital dining solutions and QikServe’s expansion into the U.S. market.

As a digital ordering and payment company, Qikserve works with a wide array of restaurants, businesses, and hotels to engage consumers using digital tools. Taylor noted that while QikServe is known in the UK and Europe, it’s much less known in the U.S., and building name recognition and partnerships is vital to serving to transform the consumer experience.

He said, “And then, part of our narrative is that if you’re a brand in the U.S. and you have international growth aspirations, we’re a great partner because we’re already in thirty countries, we’ve already asked and answered all of the questions to be relevant in those countries, and we have operating locations in those countries that know how to deal with those.”

The two discuss:

1) How QikServe aims to break into the U.S. market

2) Why QikServe’s partnership with Punch is the beginning of many further integrations

3) What the guests are looking for with the ordering and mobile experience

“I believe that when there’s chaos, it breeds opportunity, and I think we are sitting in a beautiful spot with our brand name, our experience, and our current technology stack being as mature as it is, and then just bringing that into the U.S. marketplace in a more consultative sale… We want to be a part of a process that really talks about how deep we can go with the digital transaction,” said Taylor.

Taylor, whose passion about digital ordering grew from his inapp payment creation back in 2008, joined the Qikserve team as EVP in September 2022. Previously, he served as the CRO for Restaurant Revolution Technologies, as well as other leadership roles at Smith Barney and Paine Webber. Taylor brings over thirty years of experience to the QikServe team as they branch into the United States.

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