Reaching and Engaging The Broadcast End User Community

Hosted by Ben Thomas, Pro AV Today welcomed Chris Black from Vizrt for a discussion that delved into various facets of the broadcast and Pro AV industry. They explored the influence of end users, the introduction of new technologies, and specifically the evolution of the buying and partner channel.

Here are a few topics that they covered:

End Users as Key Influencers

With an increasing influence on technology purchasing, end users are changing the dynamics of the industry. Their ability to understand, select, and use the gear has made them prominent players in decision-making, driving the industry in creative and unexpected directions.

Impact of Flexible Technologies Like NDI

NDI, a software-defined tool that’s free and easy to use, stands as an example of how technologies have become accessible and relevant to more people. This innovation fosters creativity and empowers individuals to explore their broadcasting capabilities.

Evolution of the Buying and Partner Channel

  • Traditional Structure:

Traditionally, purchasing in the Pro AV industry followed a path from the manufacturer to the dealer, integrator, installer, and eventually to the end user.

  • Shift in Buying Behavior:

Now, end users, who are more educated than ever, have begun to bypass traditional channels. This shift was discussed at length in the conversation, highlighting the way end users now buy directly from platforms like B&H and Amazon.

  • Partner Channel Transformation:

Manufacturers, such as Vizrt, are approaching this change from various angles. As the conversation pointed out, large companies are recognizing the need to engage directly with channel partners and users, adapting their strategies to the new landscape.

The influence of end users, the role of accessible technologies like NDI, and the evolution of the buying and partner channel are reshaping the way the industry operates.

These changes challenge traditional methods but also present new opportunities for creativity and collaboration. By embracing this evolution, professionals in the field can find innovative ways to grow and thrive.

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