With technology as expansive and dynamic as that found in the Pro AV industry, it is no surprise that opinion on its future application is varied. At InfoComm 2019, consensus was hard to come by in some areas, and experts shared their thoughts on some of the fundamental questions facing Pro AV currently.

MarketScale caught up with Alison Maxson, Sr. Marketing and Communications Manager at ScreenBeam; Nyere Hollingsworth, Group Leader at MITRE; Mike Wallace; Ryan Root Director of Marketing at Stem Audio, Todd Mares, Director of Emerging Technology at Peerless AV; Erik Baeumlisberger Corporate Manager of Guest Experience Technology at SeaWorld, to get a wide perspective on the forces shaping the future of Pro AV.


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How Today’s Pro AV Products are Recruiting The Industry’s Next Wave of Workers


With 1,000 exhibitors and 44,000 attendees, the past year of development in the Pro AV industry was on display at InfoComm last week.

The visual displays were noticeable as always, but there were conversations had on more than just the latest technologies. Industry professionals are also weighing the future of Pro AV and the people who will drive workforce forward.