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For many years, corporate culture revolved around the water cooler. Internal communications came in the form of pamphlets, magazines, or dull print-outs that were destined to yellow with age in a workplace break room.

Today, with companies leaning into co-working spaces, remote employees, and an all-around alternative workplace atmosphere, these internal communication methods are a thing of the past.

In its place is digital signage and creative content.

Whether it is an infographic, a vlog, or even an interactive art installation, companies are communicating with their workforce in new, innovative ways. These communications are boosting morale and setting an over-arching tone and voice for the company while increasing employee productivity.

On today’s MarketScale Pro AV Podcast, experts TJ DiQuollo, Director of Creative Services, and Jay Leedy, Digital Media Subject Matter Expert for Diversified, expand upon the use of digital signage as a means of company-employee communications.

Perhaps the greatest asset to digital signage is the ability to monitor its success. By implementing an internal communication strategy and measuring employee engagement and employee output, digital signage can completely change the workplace.

When working with Diversified to craft a custom communications strategy, both stakeholders and employees are interviewed, ensuring a strategy is created that enables broader participation across the client’s workforce. The result is a workforce that feels part of something greater than what it sees in its day-to-day workplace. Digital signage has the power to attach the employees’ work with the stewardship of the company itself.

“Your digital communication strategy is not your corporate culture,” Leedy said.

Rather, it augments it. Done well, digital signage makes the corporate culture better, enhancing morale, pride, and brand loyalty. The stats and metrics are in and shows that internal corporate communication is powerful.

It is storytelling at its best, using striking data to relay a philosophy or history of a brand. No longer is corporate communications the throw-away stuff jammed between the cracks of break room sofas. It is fun and transformative for employees and for customers.

For more information on how Diversified works to implement creative digital signage solutions, and how they can help you, you can click here.

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