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Dan Gundry

Vice President and Managing Director VuWall USA

NOC Your SOCs Off: Evolution of and Best Practices in GSOCs

The workforce has changed as a result of COVID, but also from technology marching on. Some businesses and places of work don’t adapt as readily, leaving some companies and their employees behind. When it comes to GSOCs, how can their environment and use be improved with newer technologies and ideas?

On this episode of NOC Your SOCs Off, host Dan Gundry sat down to talk with Ryan Schonfeld, CEO and Founder of HiveWatch, about GSOCs and the space they inhabit. When talking about the current design, operations, and execution missing in the GSOC space, Schonfeld has plenty to say. “Planning is the first big miss, and that touches pre-planning, it touches the design of the physical space, it touches the tools and the technology, even the layout of the space, in terms of how the room’s going to be operationalized.”

This episode also covers:

  1. The changing environment of GSOCs.
  2. The right places for individuals in the GSOC space today.
  3. Adapting to the changes in GSOCs since COVID.

Schonfeld is adamant that you cannot “rinse and repeat” the control rooms of the past. This means asking some vital questions: ‘Do we need one huge GSOC, or do we want to think about regionalizing our operations more to smaller regional SOCs?’ ‘Does everybody need to physically be there in person?’ ‘Does our control room support remote work?’ ‘Does it support people collaborating from different physical spaces?’

Ryan Schonfeld is the Founder and CEO of HiveWatch. He started in law enforcement before getting frustrated by antiquated equipment that was preventing from doing the best job he could. This then led to him getting his Master of Science degree in Information Systems from The George Washington University School of Business.

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