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Big Tech is Helping Healthcare Organizations Recover Profit Loss

In a call of recruitment, Greg Ryan first learned of his job in a simple pitch: to help doctors save lives. Now as a Principal Solutions Engineer in the healthcare unit at Salesforce, Read more


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How Have Home Intelligence and Automated Shading Solutions Improved Home Energy Efficiency and Comfort?
February 6, 2023

On today’s episode of the Draper at Home podcast, host Michelle Dawn Mooney, speaks with Scotty Allen, the Chief Operating Officer of, Maryellen Oswald, Custom Integration & Partnerships Channel Manager, Somfy USA, and Tyson McDonald, Director of Business Development, Motorized Solar Solutions for Draper, Inc., to talk about how the effect of home intelligence […]

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How Royal Caribbean is Elevating Entertainment At-Sea
February 6, 2023

— Live stage productions and musicians play a crucial role in making the experience of a Royal Caribbean cruise truly unforgettable. Behind the scenes, there’s a whole team of professionals dedicated to bringing top-notch entertainment to the passengers. The process starts with a creative team that conceptualizes the shows, selecting songs and choreography to […]

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2022 Gas Costs More than Doubled the Average Cost in 2020. Prices Have Dropped but are Still High in 2023…Why?
February 4, 2023

Last year, eyes were popping as the price per gallon of gas passed the five-dollar mark in most places. This is more than double the average gas cost per gallon in 2020, which was $2.17 per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Administration. While prices are down from that five-dollar mark now, they have […]

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Big Tech is Helping Healthcare Organizations Recover Profit Loss
June 6, 2022

In a call of recruitment, Greg Ryan first learned of his job in a simple pitch: to help doctors save lives. Now as a Principal Solutions Engineer in the healthcare unit at Salesforce, Ryan knows how true that pitch rings. Ryan joined Highway to Health host David Kemp to discuss his critical role at Salesforce […]

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Why Data Centralization Is Key To Operational Success
February 15, 2022

In this episode of E2B: Energy to Business, host Daniel Litwin caught up with three prominent business intelligence experts at Opportune LLP—Byrony Coan, Principal; Kyle Blair, Director; and Kyle Luong, Manager—to discuss the challenges presented by data warehouses, including the need to sift through and collect data for analysis. Their discussion covered everything from understanding […]

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Tips for Helping Your Small Business Survive Long Lead Times
October 20, 2021

Key Points: In order to have consistent inventory during global supply chain shake-ups, companies have diversified products by finding suppliers and manufacturers that operate within the United States. Fetch RI has seen a lot of persisting supply chain challenges, including long lead times and delayed supply shipments. The company has made changes in purchasing […]

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How Digital Twin Engineering Can Revolutionize Boeing’s Operations
October 6, 2021

Key Points: Paul Doherty draws on his experience with and knowledge of Boeing to explain how a digital twin engineering workflow would benefit their operations. Scaling is one of the most interesting aspects of what digital twinning can bring to manufacturing. Paul emphasizes the need to start looking at products as part of an ecosystem, […]

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Restarting Cruises Has Been a Game of ‘Operational Whack-a-Mole’
August 10, 2021

(Bloomberg) — David Hakimian, 58, an oncologist from the Chicago area, was looking forward to a week of lazy days on Caribbean beaches when he boarded Windstar’s 312-passenger, recently stretched-out Star Breeze—only to find he’d instead be spending a week almost entirely at sea. In Iceland, passengers on the Viking Sky consoled themselves with meals […]

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Optimizing Staffing in a Dynamic Operation
July 19, 2021

Highmark Health’s Mike Tracy joins host Sergio Reyes to help listeners navigate an ever-more-complex labor landscape.   Staffing and recruiting are difficult enough, particularly when there’s more competition than ever before standing between your organization and finding and retaining top talent. Add in more dynamic operations in the face of a changing labor landscape, hybrid […]

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How to Identify the Processes You Should Automate for Maximum Efficiency
July 12, 2021

Automation is a powerful word in a wide range of different industries. It allows companies to make significant improvements to their business processes, software creation, and ease of implementation. Due to its innate value, the automation market is growing at a rapid rate. Tech leaders Forrester predicted that the automation market size would reach USD […]

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Apple to Test Hybrid Work From Store and Home for Retail Staff
July 3, 2021

(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. plans to test a hybrid in-store and work-from-home arrangement for retail employees, acknowledging that consumers may continue to prefer online shopping even as the pandemic eases, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant will begin a pilot program later this year dubbed “Retail Flex” with […]

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Establish the Right Infrastructure to Maximize Data for Retail Operations
June 4, 2021

Laura Davis-Taylor, CSO at InReality, is an expert in retail, user experience and more, and she shared her thoughts about how retailers can make better use of data. “So, retailers are struggling to maximize data for retail operations, and it’s really about connecting the connections of everyone talking about commerce today. It’s very difficult to […]

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