The Importance of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship in Pro AV

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas talks with Daniel Anderson, founder of Stratum, about the importance of small and regional businesses in the Pro AV industry.


Anderson’s journey into the industry is a complicated, yet familiar one. His interest in AV began in his youth, fostered by a youth pastor who invited him to operate a sound console. Post-high school, he joined the military, serving for thirteen years. A significant personal event, the loss of his second child, led Anderson to reevaluate his life and return to his passion for AV and music.

Starting Stratum without a business degree, Anderson relied on his experiences and YouTube training. Today his company, serving a wide range of clients, has grown significantly over the years. He discusses the challenges and rewards of starting a Pro AV business and the importance of building strong, long-lasting client relationships.

Anderson emphasizes the continued need for regional trade shows and education in the Pro AV industry, especially in areas like the Midwest, where large corporations often overlook opportunities. He advocates for hands-on experiences with new technology and the importance of small businesses in providing advanced AV solutions to communities with limited access.

This episode highlights the significance of entrepreneurship and the impact of personal experiences in shaping business ventures in the Pro AV industry. Anderson’s story is a powerful example of turning adversity into opportunity and the vital role of small businesses in regional and local markets.

Tune in above for the full conversation!

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