$40 Million in Funding Allows HugePOD to expand to the US

March 31, 2022
Melissa Gonzalez

The Head of Global Expansion at HugePOD discusses custom apparel with Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez. HugePOD is a global leader in print-on-demand apparel design and manufacturing. Formally launched in 2021, HugePOD includes a worldwide network of diverse manufacturers and has developed a flexible fashion supply chain for world-class retailers, including Steve Madden, Forever New, Landmark, and SHEIN. HugePOD has more than 200 employees across its offices on three continents.

Its primary offering is perfect for influencers and Etsy shops. The team can help people build a brand related to their side hustles and flex more influence with their customers. With 40 in-house designers, companies can customize their apparel and get design help, streamlining the process and lowering costs.

HugePOD recently obtained an additional $40M in series b funding, which will allow the company to expand its presence in the U.S. This funding will also enable HugePOD to meet the needs of both current and aspiring small and medium-sized business owners and creative individuals who want to turn their ideas into reality.

Ying Dai’s advice for small business owners or aspiring business owners is to “take the plunge.” With HugePOD, plenty of financial partnerships will allow newcomers to maintain cash flow while committing to pieces. With options in dropshipping, companies can optimize the inventory process, save time and money.

HugePOD’s process is all in-house and has a user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) engine that enables customers, regardless of expertise, to personalize garments. Customers can utilize HugePOD’s free drag-and-drop tool and directly design a 3D mockup of a garment from anywhere, either on a personal computer or mobile device.

Finally, HugePODb has its Smart SCCP system. Every step in the traditional apparel process, including designing, manufacturing, order management, quality control, and logistics tracking, is integrated into one collaborating platform, which reduces the cost by 15%. Companies can leverage the cost cost-efficient production process of high-quality apparel with HugePOD.

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