MarketScale’s Tyler Kern was joined by KPITarget President and Founder Mike Rowan in this interview from MarketScale’s Trinity Studio.

KPITarget is an agency that helps brands meet their objectives through personalized data and marketing strategies.

In the aftermath of NRF 2020, Retail’s Big Show, Kern and Rowan put their heads together to discuss the trends likely to play out in retail during the rest of 2020.

Rowan said that, while some trends in retail are hanging around despite the technological and societal leaps of the past few years, the landscape of the industry is changing.

“If you think of your own buying behavior, brand loyalty still runs rampant,” Rowan said. “But there are things like reviews, peer influencers and influencers, in general, that continue to rise in popularity and rise in importance. … People shop these days based not necessarily on what a brand tells them, but on what their peers tell them.”

Reviews and their on-demand availability, Rowan said, have helped caused this shift, though data and thorough audience research can help retailers leverage influencers that align with their products and cut through the general noise.

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