How Fast Fashion Can Fix Its Sustainability Reputation Through the Supply Chain

March 1, 2022
Melissa Gonzalez


While at the world’s largest retail conference and expo, Retail Refined Host Melissa Gonzalez spoke with Chris Georgen, Founder and Chief Architect of Topl, a company that sits at the intersection of sustainability, deep-technology, and innovation.

Topl, whose mission is to build trust between consumers and products, is set largely within an industry which has historically lacked that. Georgen remarked on Topl’s unique position within the market, particularly in increasing transparency within the fashion industry using Topl blockchain.

Using the tools created by and within Topl, the ESG impact of a company can vastly improve. Georgen remarked that, “Topl technology can take fashion supply chains from 18 months to 25 days,” which positively impacts these upward-trending ESG-forward values seen in the market as shorter time to delivery means less waste due to demand fluctuations.

Not only this, but Topl blockchain underpins and helps secure data while optimizing performance for different sectors.

As the demand in the market, namely pushed by GenZ’s habit in “voting more with their wallets” because “different things matter,” moves fashion towards different brand differentiators and new brands focus on equity, inclusion, and sustainability, Topl helps to secure trust between the consumer and the brand.

While brand and reputation used to largely underpin market demand, there has been, Georgen remarked, a “reset” caused by the pandemic which means these identifiers are no longer the only consideration in retail spending.

Additionally, Georgen emphasized the role Web3 has in the future of retail and sustainability tokenization. Web3 will be able to “cut off the places to hide” for consumers to see the truth behind company supply chains, resources, and materials and “greenwashing” will become much more difficult.

With ESG-forward values continuing to dominate retail trends, Topl stands at the intersection for providing trust in engagement between brands and consumers.

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