Each week on Spieckerman Speaks Retail, Carol will be speaking on her Retail Trajectories – themes and calls to action that transcend categories, channels, business models and touch points.

As retail brand marketers, solution providers and platforms set their sights on fourth quarter and 2021, Carol launches her episode series, “8 Mistakes Retail Suppliers Can’t Afford to Make.” In the series, Carol will take on the top retail B2B positioning and business development hurdles suppliers experience and provide tactics and takeaways for conquering them once and for all.

Carol kicks off the series by cracking retail suppliers’ top business development killer: the “slow no.” Even though retailers are zooming along with acquisitions, technology launches, and partnerships, suppliers have found that this newfound sense of urgency isn’t always directed their way. In fact, getting the green light can still be a slog as personnel changes and strategy shifts chip away at suppliers’ post-pitch prospects. In this episode, Carol breaks down new rules and best practices for mitigating the slow no and revving your retail business development.

In this Episode You’ll Learn

  1. How your story can get “lost in transition” as retail’s revolving door spins
  2. Why retailer’s short attention spans work to your advantage
  3. Why “next steps” is the worst way to end a meeting
  4. How to get back in the driver’s seat and control outcomes

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