One of the consistent challenges for grocery stores is the perishable nature of fruits and vegetables. Costco has partnered with Del Ray Avocado Company to provide avocados with an innovative self-defense ability.

The primary factor in produce waste is the natural deterioration caused by water loss. Apeel Sciences has developed a solution to help slow down that process.

While all plants have a skin or peel that protects them, Apeel has engineered an additional, plant-based covering that adds to the produce’s natural defense. The application is derived from the same materials that naturally comprise the original peel. This slows the rate of water loss, and results in produce remaining fresh up to 3 times longer.

The Apeel process fosters improved quality, transportability, and shelf-life, without requiring additional refrigeration or preservatives.

This process can increase the optimal freshness of avocados for up to twice as long, and that should make your love of guacamole much easier to maintain.