Video SEO is Gaining Importance, One Company is Disrupting How to Collect and Distribute Consumer Videos

SEO is a process in which a website is primed for direct traffic from search engines. SEO video is expected to grow in popularity and trend this year. Christine Russo chats with Bernadette Butler, CEO, and Founder of StoryTap. StoryTap is an intuitive system to collect and produce consumer videos on a vast scale. Butler’s background is in marketing, and she knows that the power of selling relies on good storytelling, “stories sell,” said Butler, StoryTap, “focuses on the actual video story, that’s gotta be at the heart [of our work].”

StoryTap works in many different verticals, including services, universities, retail, and nonprofits. StoryTap obtains review videos for services, experiences, or products. The platform allows consumers to create a narrative about their experience with the product or service.

The technology takes it a step further and matches reviews with like consumers. For example, the reviews reach the audience browsing the site on geography, age, gender, etc. The motivation for this strategy, consumers are more swayed by reviews from people they identify with. The technology helps segment reviews and deliver persuasive videos.

To obtain customer videos with impact, StoryTap focuses on the review prompt. It’s challenging to engage a consumer who will go on to tell an authentic story. “We invest a lot in the ask,” said Butler.

Leveraging this customization, StoryTap has found success. The company creates a welcoming space for people to provide feedback. Not everyone is comfortable typing a review, but more people can speak through review and experience. Videos also have the advantage of being layered. Body language, facial expressions, and inflection provide additional context.

According to Search Journal Engine, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, so making impactful SEO videos is quite a challenge. The StoryTap platform also provides fresh insights to its clients’ marketing teams. Butler talked about working with Enfamil. During this campaign, the team expected to gather videos from mothers. They did get videos from mothers and got a surprising number of reviews from adopted parents, grandparents, and fathers. These admissions helped the team pivot messaging to these specific groups. Butler’s company is in the business of user-generated content, reviews, feedback loop, and authenticity, all married into video. “In the business of emotion – you see what you don’t get from the text in the video,” said Butler.

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