Solo Stove Job Opportunity: Creating Authentic Stories through Web Design with CEO John Merris


Reconnecting. That’s the motivation behind the history, the product and the team at Solo Stove. Starting off as a single, simple and unique cooking stove that brought the company’s founders living worlds apart back together to enjoy the childhood wonders they experienced outdoors growing up together, their mission of reconnection fuels the company’s product innovation of building simple, high quality products that reconnect their customers to what matters most in their lives. From families camping in the woods together, to backyard enthusiasts that bring warmth and a place to gather ‘round on their patio, Solo Stove helps people reconnect with each other and nature while making memories that will last forever.

Solo Stove is currently seeking to fill their Web Designer position, based in Southlake, TX. As the first line of defense for maintaining a cohesive marketing identity across all design platforms, the web designer will be responsible for maintaining branding and optimizing conversion on both the website and on the landing page, guiding the voice of the company to create a site that speaks to family, community and the outdoors.

According to John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove “Our brand statement internally is that we help busy people by giving them the easiest and best designed outdoor products, helping them reconnect to what matters most. So everyday when we come to work, that’s what we’re thinking about. For the web designer that’s sitting into this role, really, the key for them is that the first thing that people see as an ecommerce business is our website, and what they see and what they feel whenever they interact with the images and the functionality of that site. So, you know, we really see this position as probably one of the more key positions in the business.”

For more information on the position and to apply, click here for their Indeed post.

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