AI and Computer Vision Are Reshaping the Last Mile

On Spatial Perspectives, host Dan Cui will have a one-on-one dialog with innovators and thought leaders in the growing Spatial Reality, or Spatial Computing, market. Cui will invite guests who can discuss the real world use cases of the technology and how it could benefit mankind while exploring any drawbacks and how they might be mitigated.


Wireless location tracking is working its way into how multiple industries operate. On this week’s episode of Spatial Perspectives, host Dan Cui is joined by Ned Hill, CEO of Position Imaging, a tracking technology company.

Position Imaging began in the video games business creating virtual reality and augmented reality software platforms. As the company continued to innovate, it pivoted from games and focused its radio tracking technology on logistics. “We’re a software company with a hardware problem,” Hill said. The AI platform, the algorithms, and the user interface are combined with hardware from the company’s partners.

The company’s unique AI based computer vision solution called Amoeba Computer Vision can track people, packages, vehicles, bringing greater visibility and efficiency to the last mile of delivery. Using the 3D wifi technology they developed, this solution is the most accurate tracking technology in the world.

Currently, Position Imaging is implementing this technology in multi-residential buildings and facilities so that the location, origin, and destination of every package can be viewed at any time through an AR interface. Everything is shipping is dynamic, but over time the AI platform will learn.

“We’re a software company with a hardware problem” – Ned Hill

The last mile of getting products and packages to customers has multiple pain points and bottlenecks. For instance, with Amoeba Computer Vision a delivery driver has the data to know exactly where in the truck every package is so they don’t have to hunt for them.

Position Imaging plans to expand into retail and backroom inventory, bringing efficiencies to the industry that are needed more than ever as customer behavior shifts. More and more shopping is being done online with delivery, in-store pickup, and in-store returns as part of the system. These present new inventory management issues and location tracking technology is the forward-looking solution.

To learn more about Position Imaging, see videos demonstrating the technology, and delve into the details of location tracking, tune into this enlightening conversation on Spatial Perspectives with Dan Cui.

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