Are you call-recording compliant? The answer is pretty murky, actually, depending on the country or state you’re located in.

That uncertainty is leaving call center managers fearful for their own compliance, according to a survey conducted by OrecX, a Chicago-based company that provides contact centers with call-recording software for customer service, compliance and employee performance. Host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Kevin Levi, Vice President of Marketing for OrecX, to discuss in this new episode of MarketScale’s Software & Technology podcast.

In September, OrecX surveyed call center managers spanning a number of industries including financial, collections, insurance, healthcare and high-tech to discover what regulations were most concerning to them.

“Number one was GDPR, number two was call monitoring consent by individual states in the United States, and then PCI, Do Not Call and HIPAA after that,” Levi said. “These are the issues everyone’s really dealing with.”

Specifically, more than a quarter of respondents said heavily-enforced privacy regulations for Europe’s GDPR laws (43%), PCI credit card data (37%) and health-related HIPAA (27%) were most concerning. Survey respondents were allowed to select multiple regulations, so the numbers don’t add up to 100 percent.

“The best default is to make sure you get consent from whoever is on the call,” Levi said. “If you’re talking to a customer, prospect or partner and you chose to record, make sure you’re getting every person on the call’s consent.”

For more resources about call-recording compliance, OrecX offers eBooks, blogs and a primer on relevant laws to help consumers better understand the ins and outs of call recording. Visit for information.

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