Data-Driven Insights and Driver Monitoring

October 26, 2020
Sonia Gossai

When an organization embraces a data-driven approach, it signifies its commitment to leveraging data collection, analysis, and interpretation in order to inform and guide strategic decision-making. By relying on these data-driven insights, organizations can make more informed and effective choices.

One of the things SambaSafety prides itself on is being a data-first company. On The Blind Spot, Eric Waldinger, CMO of SambaSafety, said over its 22 years, their collection of data gives them the ability to use this data to improve safety and the bottom line. 

“We have an advanced data science team,” Waldinger said, “that focuses not just on analytics, but on predictive analytics. What the data tells us is when you put in driver monitoring or a monitoring system, monthly violations reduce by 22%.”

So, how does SambaSafety leverage all of this driver data to create efficiencies in their processes, no matter the insurance vertical? Waldinger pointed to examples like employee driver’s licenses.

“Anywhere from 3-5% of employee licenses could be invalid,” he said.

And with nationwide accident fatalities caused by 19% of drivers with invalid licenses, having this information will help reduce a business’s risk.

“26% percent of driving fatalities involve speeding,” Waldinger said.

Understanding what employee-driving risks exist for those driving on behalf of a particular company is critical.

Frequency and severity are two data-driven insights that factor heavily into SambaSafety’s solutions.

“When these two points line up together, you get a better profile of those drivers,” Waldinger said. “Understanding these two elements gives a company the ability to understand their driver pool better.” Data-driven insights

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