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The Blind Spot: Analyzing Claims Studies to Find Areas for Operational Growth

  Jason Malpass, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Samba Safety, knows the secret to analyzing claims studies begins with the client. The building blocks Samba Safety needs to perform a claims study analysis are the information and data the client wants to measure. Are there specific measurements Samba looks for in a claims study? […]

How To Prepare for an Unpredictable 2021

  Just about everyone on the world was thrilled to tear off the final page of the 2020 calendar and get a fresh start in the new year. But, while there is light at the end of the tunnel as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming year could have just […]

Data-Driven Safety Insights and Driver Monitoring

One of the things SambaSafety prides itself on is being a data-first company. Eric Waldinger, CMO of SambaSafety, said over its 22 years, SambaSafety’s collection of data gives them the ability to use this data to improve safety and the bottom line. “We have an advanced data science team,” Waldinger said, “that focuses not just […]

The Blind Spot: The Positive Domino Effect of Commercial Driver Monitoring

  Safer roads: It’s an idea almost everyone can get behind. But how do we make driving safer for both the commuters and commercial shipping carriers that share the same road? Eric Waldinger, CMO at Samba Safety, affirms that driver monitoring is the key to safer roads and saving lives. When commercial carriers institute driver […]

The BlindSpot: SambaSafety’s Plan To Free Insurers From The Burden of MVRs

  The potential client fills out an online questionnaire and the insurer pulls their motor vehicle record and makes a decision, getting back to the client with a quote that reflects what they know. But what about when the insurer doesn’t know enough? Like when the MVR reveals little, or when the client has altered […]

The Blind Spot: Focusing on Controllable Risk in the Face of COVID-19

  On this episode of The Blind Spot, a SambaSafety podcast, host Tyler Kern and SambaSafety CMO Eric Waldinger addressed the COVID-19 pandemic, its implications and the measures SambaSafety is taking to do its part during this uncertain time. Waldinger said that many of SambaSafety’s customers in the transportation, grocery, and other “front-line” industries are […]

The Blind Spot: How Driver Monitoring Saves Lives and Makes a Difference

  It’s hard to turn on the local news without seeing reports of the latest highway accident. Vehicle crashes happen every day, numbing the public to the severity of the issue. But the truth is, 94% of these crashes are preventable said Eric Waldinger, Chief Marketing Officer at SambaSafety. A staggering number of people lose […]