Empowering Informed Risk Management for Safer Fleets

June 15, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Informed risk management is a critical component of any safety-focused business and SambaSafety is driven by a profound purpose: to provide its customers with the insights and tools necessary to confidently make and manage risk-related decisions.

With a focus on driver qualification and safety, SambaSafety’s CEO, Mike Scheuing and Chief Product Officer, Rich Lacey say they ensure businesses only put qualified drivers behind the wheel, prioritizing the safety of communities. This episode of the show also reveals Samba as the industry’s sole provider offering nationwide monitoring of Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) and Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA), integrated with telematics and training, SambaSafety delivers a comprehensive risk management solution through a unified platform.

SambaSafety has taken a step further by integrating telematics and camera data from providers into their risk management solution. This integration streamlines the extraction of insights, enabling businesses to respond to risk more efficiently. By centralizing and normalizing telematics data with MVR and claims data, SambaSafety generates a holistic risk profile for each driver. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions that significantly impact the safety of their fleets.

SambaSafety’s platform provides real-time alerts, delivering contextualized information to fleet managers. Through geolocation mapping, managers can quickly review alerts upon a driver’s return. For instance, if a driver is caught using their phone while driving, the platform showcases the exact location where the event occurred. This allows for swift action and enables managers to provide intelligent training recommendations tailored to specific alerts and vehicle types. By coaching drivers based on their behaviors, Samba Safety ensures they possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to operate safely.

The platform offers driver profiles that aggregate relevant information from motor vehicle records, regulatory sources, and telematics devices. One key feature is the driver risk index, which provides a normalized score based on high-risk behaviors per one hundred miles driven. This score, accompanied by a detailed breakdown of contributing events and their assigned weight, facilitates easy identification and prompt action on risky behaviors. Whether it’s phone use, collisions, or smoking, safety managers can assess risk consistently across their fleet. With configurable weightings, the score aligns with each company’s unique safety policy, ensuring accurate risk representation.

SambaSafety’s comprehensive platform simplifies and empowers fleet risk management. By consolidating all driver and vehicle data into a single view, businesses gain quick access, analysis, and resolution of high-risk activities. Integrating existing telematics data sources with SambaSafety’s risk management platform yields significant benefits, including a 16% reduction in monthly crashes, a 40% improvement in driver engagement, and a 50% reduction in manual data management. SambaSafety’s informed risk management solutions is compatible with leading telematics providers, making it a versatile choice for transforming driver safety programs.

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