Unleashing Confidence: The Power Behind Samba’s Team Unity and Trust Pt. 2, Confidence to Act

January 21, 2023
Sonia Gossai

SambaSafety team members share their perspectives on what the confidence to act means to them on this episode of the show. The overarching theme is the unwavering trust they have in their colleagues, departments, and the entire Samba organization. From sales to customer success to customer service representatives, each individual highlights the importance of having the necessary support and tools to excel in their roles.

For some, confidence to act means showing up confidently, armed with the right resources to instill trust and confidence in both peers and customers. It involves knowing that decisions made align with what’s best for the company and its clients while receiving the unwavering support of colleagues across departments. Others emphasize the importance of bravery, openness to feedback, and continuous growth and improvement.

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