Are Robotic Security Systems the Answer to the Labor Shortage in Security?

Looks can be deceiving. At ISC West 2023, ADT’s Apollo might look like a robot from a sci-fi movie but it’s not – it’s actually more. Much more.

Apollo is a humanoid security guard robot that functions with cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning to provide round-the-clock security monitoring and detection. ADT’s EvoGuard Apollo is a state-of-the-art robotic security system developed by ADT Commercial, a leading provider of security and automation solutions for businesses and organizations. The humanoid security guard robot is equipped with advanced sensors that allow it to detect and respond to any suspicious activity in real time. It can identify and track intruders, monitor and analyze security cameras, and detect unusual sounds or movements.

In addition, the Apollo is capable of patrolling large areas, and it can navigate its surroundings autonomously using its built-in mapping and navigation system. This makes it an ideal solution for monitoring and securing large establishments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and shopping centers.

Apollo has been designed to be highly durable and resistant to various weather conditions. It is equipped with high-quality materials and can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, and wind.

Best of all, Apollo is customizable, and it can be programmed to meet the specific security needs of different establishments. It can also be integrated with other security systems such as access control systems and fire alarms to provide a comprehensive security solution.

EvoGuard’s Apollo is a powerful, round-the-clock comprehensive security system that can help businesses and organizations protect their assets and ensure the safety of their employees and customers. 

Not to mention, Apollo can address the labor shortage. The security industry has an extreme turnover rate and human security guards are not that reliable. EvoGuard enhances the security guard workforce while providing seamless reliability.

Jayce Henry, Program Manager for the Enterprise Security Risk Group at ADT Commercial, foresees that Apollo will provide reliable security solutions whether in public or private deployments. Apollo can serve offices, manufacturing facilities, and more. The robots will seamlessly fill the role of a security guard in a wide array of locations.

Article written by Kimberly Sharpe.


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