Made in America: Ergo Robotics, Coming January 21st

January 14, 2020

Why Stay in America?

In today’s global marketplace, there are still companies surviving and thriving right in our own backyard. We’re hitting the road in search of America’s most interesting companies to answer one question: Why are you proud to be made in America?

Manufacturing the Future with Homegrown Roots

Near the headquarters of Ergo Robotics Solutions, the surrounding community of Queensbury, New York, belies the true innovation inside the company’s manufacturing center. At Ergo, the company’s machines echo the unique and rich history of manufacturing in the region it calls home.

On this episode of Made in America, MarketScale’s Daniel Litwin will discover why Queensbury, located just over 200 miles from one of the world’s largest technology hubs in larger-than-life New York City, is still Ergo’s dream locale.

The Full Episode

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Tune in January 21st for the full episode.

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