Print Precision: The Workflow Challenges and Solutions in Printing Production

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High volumes in print shops mean workflow challenges. Patric Coldeway, Founder & Owner of Digitech, understands how these process challenges can lead to scheduling delays and other hiccups, but, more importantly, he knows solutions to these problems.

Coldeway spoke to Print Precision host Daniel Litwin on how the right workflow software can make all the difference.

One trend Coldeway noticed in his customer’s print shops is an increasing need for short runs and on-demand printing. “When I say short, I mean mostly one or two or three sheets of everything,” Coldeway said. “You used to get a premium for that, but now you have to figure out how to turn that around like it’s a run of 100 or 500 or 1,000 and still have the same efficiencies.”

Efficiency is the game’s name, and Coldeway said the print process part of production is fast and efficient, but it’s that time in between that opportunity for savings exists. “It’s the load, it’s the unload, and it’s the time to get that file, or it’s a job that lays out into the system to where the workflow can really flow through the system,” Coldeway said. “You have the software on the outside generating the business or the job, and then you have to have the workflow software that’s within the piece of equipment.”

Why is workflow so important, especially for smaller print shops? Coldeway said it comes down to massive competition for these quick-run, on-demand print jobs. And, if a printer doesn’t have a workflow engine that can manage the orders and get them printed efficiently, they won’t be able to make any money. “If you can combine the speed and the productivity of a printer with the automation to cut out the time between each sheet, it gets you one step closer to where you need to be.”

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