Propelling: Helping Businesses and Improving Survey Efficiency with Drone LiDAR

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Samuel Flick, Sales Manager for Central Europe at Microdrones, is a mini drone enthusiast. Flick joined Microdrones in 2015 to get closer to his passion and engage with the latest techniques. He spoke about LiDAR and its wide range of uses across a broad spectrum of industries.

The older method for mapping is GPS, but that is a time-consuming process and inefficient when the need requires surveying a tricky or dangerous area.

“And, sometimes, (GPS) is not precise enough,” Flick said.

A Lidar system can reduce half a day’s mapping time down to an hour for surveying and data processing.

One issue Flick said is one of the most misunderstood regarding LiDAR is the pricing of the various systems. When these systems first hit the market, they could reach pricing upwards of 100,000 Euros. That made the type of situations and projects suitable for utilizing this technology limited.

“But we launched a service in the last year, in May of 2020, which is called mdaaS (Microdrones as a Service), and this is a system where our clients can purchase LiDAR systems within a third of the price,” Flick said. There are rental and purchase options available.

Is a drone absolutely necessary in survey and mapping work? Flick said that not every situation requires a drone, but he and his team are ready to work with clients to figure out their needs and provide the right solution.

“The message is it’s not for everybody, but a lot of people could use a drone if they really think about the projects that they have,” Flick said.

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