Propelling: Microdrones’ First Class Support

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Surveying has always been a labor-intensive, precise industry. The technological advances from Microdrones have increased precision while reducing the manpower required. On this episode of the Propelling podcast, Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones Sales Manager for the Southern US, Ross Kenney, UAS Sales and Support Lead for Navigation Electronics, and Robert Martin, Licensed Surveyor & Senior Technical Lead Survey Sales for Navigation Electronics, sat down with host Sean Heath and they discussed a few of the ways that Microdrones is changing the face of surveying.

While surveying maintains the same exacting demands as always, today’s tools are much more efficient.

“Surveying can sometimes be so labor enforcive, that your biggest overhead is going to be your employees,” Martin explained. “As technology progresses, I can see more and more uses for being able to take a drone, fly it around a piece of property, bring it back to the office, process it, and be able to create a deliverable that would have taken a surveyor weeks to do, he might be able to actually accomplish this in days now.”

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