Taking Advantage of a Bad Situation: Diving into Data


This week on Diving Into Data TC Riley dives into how companies can take advantage of the global situation around COVID-19 and hits on ways that industries are using data in ways you might not expect.

Our first topic dives into how you can take advantage of the challenges presented by operating in a COVID world and make the best of a non-ideal situation. Many people have shared how they’ve used this time for personal self-improvement, but why aren’t more businesses doing the same? TC explores what opportunities you have from a Marketing, Sales and Operations perspective during the current ‘downtime’ and how data can help you make the most of your current circumstances.

Our second topic is a new segment called Industry Rapidfire. TC hits on how three industries are using data in ways you might not initially consider and how we can all use these as an opportunity to explore new and different ways that we can use data to improve your performance, regardless of industry.

Grab a drink, take a seat, practice social distancing, and lets dive into some data.

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Diving Into Data with TC Riley

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