Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined remotely by Z-Band Technologies Director of Sales, Northeast Tony Iagnemma, and the duo tackled the complex topic of evolving video distribution needs in the modern business landscape.

Z-Band specializes in enterprise video distribution, helping clients across numerous industries meet their HDTV distribution needs without significant bandwidth restrictions.
Currently, Iagnemma said he sees several emerging trends in the world of commercial video distribution, but one in particular stands out.

“Some of the market trends have changed a little bit. People are asking about 4K video. They’re asking about HD video and 1080p video. They want a high-quality video, and, today, that’s not their want, but their need,” he said.

“In the past, video was a luxury in the commercial atmosphere. Now, video is a little bit more of a necessity.”

While cutting-edge technologies and solutions often carry associations with a need to upgrade infrastructure, equipment and capabilities, Iagnemma said retrofitting to keep pace with the latest in video distribution is not only possible, but often the best choice for a given operation.

“We don’t have to restructure or rebuild anything,” Iagnemma said. “We’re just working with the cable provider or the source of video, and we’re putting in one of our video hubs or Z-Distributions in the IT or AV closet and setting it up there. On the other end, we just put our intelligent balun behind a television and set it up that way. It’s very minimal.”

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