Contrary to popular belief, the golden rule is not that the person with the gold makes the rules. And, in terms of customer service, the golden rule isn’t “treat people the way you would like to be treated.” At least Brandon Knight, Vice President of Business Development at Telarus, doesn’t think so.

Knight has his ideas that make for excellent customer experience and satisfaction, and he shared his insights with host Tyler Kern.

“The majority of businesses with customer-centric focus models base customer interactions on treating the customers on their treatment preferences,” Knight said. “A better customer service, a better customer experience, is treating a customer the way they want to be treated.”

Knight’s primary concern with treating customers how someone on the business side prefers is that a customer may have different needs and wants from the person tasked with meeting their needs.

“When it comes to the customer experience, it is important for companies to have myriad ways to interact,” Knight said.

Today’s customers may not want to interact with a person; they may wish to communicate via a company’s website. Knight said companies need to consider how a customer wishes to communicate with them.

Another secret to achieving customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction.

“The person who comes into contact with the customer may be the only impression of the company that the customer has,” Knight said.

A large percentage of the time, the people who have the majority of these customer-interactions may work in contact centers. The question Knight has is, what conditions do these frontline workers face? Are they comfortable, do they feel valued, do they feel empowered?

If the answer is no to these questions, and Knight often believes that it is, then employees won’t be satisfied. That lack of satisfaction will spill over into customer interactions.

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