We’re used to the phrase “this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes” by now; it’s in practically every customer service hotline. 20 years ago this wasn’t the case, and even now, not all businesses have been educated on the value of call recording technology. Kevin Levi, marketing manager for OrecX, is a veteran of the call recording industry, and has seen the improvements in tech and the spread in adoption. “Most call centers with more than two people in them, just about every single one today uses call recording for quality assurance or for compliance,” Levi said.
Though call recording software is common place in call centers, Levi still sees a struggle in convincing all businesses that they could benefit from this simple yet insight-bringing software. He joined us on this Software & Technology podcast to reveal the varied but essential benefits of empowering a company with call recording capabilities, from consumer insight to verification. Levi walked us through changes in speech detection technology and sorting metadata, as well as how OrecX educates their customers authentically.
For more information on OrecX and to learn about ways the call recording might benefit your businesses, you can visit their website and read through their blog.

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