Trillions of pieces of data are going untapped every year, and it’s holding businesses back. This data, surprisingly, consists of human speech from call centers, and it’s ripe for collection and analysis. On this new episode of the Software & Technology Podcast brought to you by MarketScale, host Sean Heath sat down with Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX, a Chicago-based call recording company.

“Human speech is an untapped resource of data,” Kaiser said. “If you took the top three call center markets in the world and did some math on the number of words spoken in those call centers, it’s in excess of 120 to 150 trillion words every year.”

He continued, “Until those words are captured, converted into text, categorized so further meaning and value can be extracted from them, it’s not doing much for the company.”

That’s why it’s time for call centers to start analyzing its recorded data, he said. “Digital transformation is the way to use that valuable data in ways to extract value from the interactions you have with your customers.”

OrecX provides contact centers and business VoIP providers with full-featured and easy-to-use call recording software, helping them improve their quality assurance and aiding agent training. Taking that a step further is organizing that data, being a part of the emerging technologies that help organize the world’s spoken information, he said.

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