Ever since the dawn of High Speed Internet, becoming technologically literate has become easier than ever. Need to learn a new skill? Head to YouTube, forum pages, etc. But for a later generation of business owners who either grew up without modern technology or haven’t learned how to engage with it on a major level, explaining to them the benefits of how emerging technology could improve their business can be a real challenge.

This “IT language barrier,” according to Chad Mantooth from Pinnacle Business Systems, is one of the most difficult challenges that members of the IT field have to deal with when talking to clients. Today, Chad, along with Scott Courtney, came on the podcast to discuss his mentorship, the IT language barrier, the dichotomy between “needs versus costs”, and what’s on the horizon for IT. “I want to show the customer that what I am doing is customer centric. I’m trying to meet the customer’s specific needs and business goals,” Mantooth said.

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