Educating Athletes On How To Master New NIL Rules


The new NIL rules are shaking up the landscape of college sports and student athletes are going to need all the education they can get on how to properly take full advantage of the new regulations.

Accelerate Sports Ventures is making it their goal to teach brand building, marketing, entrepreneurship and business principles to athletes to make sure. The Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, asked the groups Founder Doug Fillis how athletes can leverage NIL to their benefit.

NIL education is the perfect melding of Doug’s career path – first as an executive member of IMG College, securing $400 million in media rights deals, and over 10 years of experience as an adjunct faculty member at NYU.

More Information on Accelerate Sports Ventures

Accelerate Sports Ventures is pleased to announce the first members of its Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) faculty. The Accelerate faculty will teach brand building, marketing, entrepreneurship, business structure, social media, and financial literacy to athletes. Accelerate’s curriculum and content is built specifically to engage athletes in NIL.

“We have recruited an incredible first group of brand builders and storytellers who will provide firsthand, real-world knowledge to educate athletes,” said Accelerate Sports Ventures Founder Doug Fillis. “Giving young athletes the opportunity to be taught by professional athletes and influencers who have created, built, leveraged and monetized their brands is the best way that we can deliver unique value in our educational programming. We are excited to work with this impressive group of individuals and we look forward to growing this program to be as all-encompassing as possible.”

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