Welcome to the premier episode of Salary Capped by MarketScale. This podcast takes a look at the business side of sports. At the tip-off, host Tyler Kern paid his respects to Kobe Bryant, the basketball star who lost his life in a tragic accident on January 26, 2020. The legendary Los Angeles Laker’s death isn’t just a loss for the world of basketball but to the entire universe of sports. Kern noted that after Kobe’s basketball career was over, he entered the world of business, and formed multiple business partnerships. Kobe even won an Academy Award in 2018 for the Animated Short Film, Dear Basketball.

In the First Half segment of Salary Capped, Kern spoke with Rodney Barreto, Chairman of the Super Bowl Host committee in Miami, Fl to find out how a city like Miami prepares to host the Super Bowl for the 11th time. “This is my third time on the committee as chairman. It’s an exciting time, we know how to do it, and it is a record-breaking Super Bowl for Miami,” said Barreto. The game may only be four hours, but it is a week-long celebration, and Barreto looked forward to fans experiencing all of Miami’s changes in the past ten years.

For the final segment of the program, Kern checked in with John Allgood, Assistant Professor & Academic Director of the Executive Master of Science in Sport Business Program at Temple University, to get his take on the latest scandal to rock Major League Baseball. Allgood conceded that stealing signs has always been a part of the game of baseball, so why is it a problem now? Allgood believes it’s the pervasiveness and the technology of it that’s changed. “The baseball commissioner warned teams over the last 18 months to stop sign stealing, and they continued to do it. That’s why I think three managers, and one general manager, lost their jobs.”

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