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Eagles’ Star Quarterback is Predicted to be Signed Long-Term

  Philadelphia Eagles' Star Quarterback, Jalen Hurts, came up short in his quest for his first Super Bowl win, but his performance was no less than historic. Could Jalen Read more


Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees
Identifying Lightning Damage on Pecan Trees: Tips from TreeNewal
June 7, 2023

Join ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers from TreeNewal as he examines the aftermath of lightning damage on a pecan tree. In this insightful video, Wes highlights the path taken by the lightning bolt through the tree, causing superheating of the water inside. The resulting vapor expansion creates visible damage to the tree. The tree’s survival […]

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Health Plan
Transforming Coverage to Meet Healthcare Needs with SCAN Health Plan
June 7, 2023

John Petito, SVP of Transformation at SCAN Health Plan joins the podcast to share his story and how his work is helping enable new types of healthcare coverage for diverse populations. Join us to hear how Health Plans are beginning to evolve their approach to addressing the needs of older adults and the LGBTQ+ community […]

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Finding your identity
Finding Your Identity with Dustin Odham
June 6, 2023

In an era where screens dominate our time, finding your personal identity becomes a challenge. Our generation is shaping itself based on an increasingly virtual world, often losing touch with the inner self. In fact, a recent study suggests that we could end up spending at least ten years of our life in front of […]

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Eagles’ Star Quarterback is Predicted to be Signed Long-Term
February 14, 2023

Philadelphia Eagles’ Star Quarterback, Jalen Hurts, came up short in his quest for his first Super Bowl win, but his performance was no less than historic. Could Jalen Hurts’ next contract prove just as historic? In yesterday’s defeat against the Kansas City Chiefs, Hurts scored 20 points himself (three touchdowns and a two-point conversion) […]

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Sports Betting and TV Ratings for Super Bowl LVII
February 11, 2023

What is the relationship between sports betting and TV ratings? The Super Bowl is the largest television and sports event of the year, but it’s also the biggest sports betting event too. Betting on this weekend’s Super Bowl matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, according to the American Gaming Association, […]

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The Team Behind the Super Bowl’s Analytics is Setting an Industry Standard
February 11, 2022

Every year, millions of sports fans gather in front of the TV and settle into the arena on a coveted early-February Sunday for the Super Bowl, as two teams in America’s most popular game face off to be crowned as NFL world champions. This year, those two teams are the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati […]

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Reviewing Super Bowl Food Ads: Who Scored?
February 18, 2021

Food is serious business. Now, on The Main Course, host Barbara Castiglia will invite insiders on the front lines of food to share their expertise, strategies, and forecasts for navigating the ever-changing restaurant industry.   TV advertising has evolved to meet the 21st-century consumer, but how do brands really know if they’re effective? Breaking down this question and […]

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Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Investment?
February 6, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and that means the annual parade of high-cost ads designed to entice viewers of the Big Game everywhere to engage with brands with pockets deep enough to show up between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. But is the juice really worth the squeeze? Host Daniel Litwin sat down […]

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Maximizing the Impact of Super Bowl Commercials
February 5, 2021

The fans remember the highlights but the franchises remember the technology, data, and inventions that powered their season. Host Tyler Kern sits down with the innovators, leaders and founders that are taking sports into the future.   The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for the advertising world, but how do the brands measure […]

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The NFL Season by the Numbers
February 3, 2021

Data drives decisions of the worlds largest companies but in a world with constant data, how do you make sense of it? Host TC Riley, puts the world under the lens of data and analytics and explores current news, B2B trends, and popular topics.   While stats have always been part of the NFL—teams, analysts, and […]

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Kobe Bryant, Super Bowl LIV, and Major League Baseball’s Sign-Stealing Scandal: Salary Capped
February 3, 2020

Welcome to the premier episode of Salary Capped by MarketScale. This podcast takes a look at the business side of sports. At the tip-off, host Tyler Kern paid his respects to Kobe Bryant, the basketball star who lost his life in a tragic accident on January 26, 2020. The legendary Los Angeles Laker’s death […]

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What Does it Take to Host a Super Bowl?
January 13, 2020

Some see the Super Bowl as the pinnacle game on the NFL’s yearly calendar, and others see it as an excuse to watch some hilarious commercials with their friends. But Miami’s Rodney Barreto sees it as a chance to highlight his home city. Barreto serves as the Chairman of the Miami Super Bowl Host […]

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