Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and that means the annual parade of high-cost ads designed to entice viewers of the Big Game everywhere to engage with brands with pockets deep enough to show up between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

But is the juice really worth the squeeze?

Host Daniel Litwin sat down with Julia Stead, CMO of Allocadia, to find out.

Allocadia is a marketing support company providing platform analytics on KPIs, budgets, investments and performance metrics to give marketing teams more clarity on strategy, and the organization is all too familiar with the Super Bowl spend.

Prior to the 2020 Super Bowl, FOX sold out its advert slots before the end of 2019, with the highest 30-second slot selling for $5.6 million. That’s an enormous sum, and Stead put some context to eye-popping figures like that in terms of what kind of return on the initial investment companies can expect them to bring.

“Close to 60% [of viewers] will talk about the most interesting and most viral ads the day after,” Stead said. “There’s really this halo effect from one advertisement that continues on throughout the week and throughout the month and drives a really broad base of engagement.”

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