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While Microsoft and Sony have been more than forthcoming about the design, hardware, specs and the games for their next-gen consoles set to release this holiday season, one thing these tech veterans are holding back on is price. In this game of ‘price chicken’, a console battle is looming on the horizon—the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 2013—with each company reluctant to be the first to announce pricing in fear that they may be undercut by the competition, risking marketshare in uncertain post-pandemic financial times.

Who will win this cat and mouse console cold war? Microsoft’s Xbox Series X or Sony’s PlayStation 5? Well, in today’s Business Casual segment, MarketScale co-hosts Daniel Litwin and Taylor Bagley hammer out who has the most to lose in this heated standoff, particularly with large, public, annual industry events like E3 being canceled due to COVID-19.

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