Through the Lens: How Video Is Reshaping Content

The growth and opportunity of video production have fundamentally changed the concept of content. It’s a powerful marketing tool for business. Consumers spend, on average, six hours and 48 minutes a week watching online video. It’s a new frontier for business storytelling, and it works, with 93% of marketers that use it saying they gained new customers. A career videographer Jesper Sohof shared his thoughts on the evolution of business video and how he maintains a healthy career as a freelancer in Europe.

Sohof was interested in cameras at an early age; “I was the one in school with a camera filming everyone.” He then went on to study business but soon learned he wanted to be on the creative side of things.

He started his own production company and has been working as a freelancer for years throughout Europe. He has home bases in Denmark and Spain. “I’ve worked all over Europe with different people from different cultures. It’s been wonderful. I speak Danish, of course, and German, French, Spanish, and other Scandinavian languages. It’s a necessity being from Denmark,” he said.

Much has changed in the past few years in terms of equipment. “Everything’s smaller, lighter, much easier to be mobile and on the go. The quality improved, too,” Sohof commented.

Sohof focuses a lot on corporate videos while also doing news segments. The pandemic slowed business at first, but since then, he’s had more work than most since foreign journalists can’t travel. He’s picked up more business on the news side and live streaming. “I’ve been doing seminars that can’t take place online, so now groups are live streaming to give audiences access,” he added.

He’s very passionate about helping brands tell their stories through video—mixing entertainment with education. “The camera gives storytelling a new perspective. I really enjoy finding new ways to tell corporate stories. The recent shoot I did with Marketscale for Microdrones was very exciting and a great way to entertain and educate on the product,” Sohof commented.

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