The right environment is essential if you want something to grow. Plants need fertile soil, sun, and water to grow and maintain health. Today’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast focuses on growth, both in a horticultural and business sense. Allen Reed, Director of Stadium Grounds for Toyota Stadium joins the podcast to talk about the art of growing grass and keeping a consistent playing surface, come hell or high water.

We also catch up with Johnathon Angers of Ngage eSports to talk about the massive growth of eSports and how the music industry is getting involved.

Why the Grass is Actually Greener at Toyota Stadium

Talk to anyone about going to a sporting event, and chances are they’ll mention the smell of the food, the crack of the bat or the roar of the crowd. In many cases, they’ll also talk the vivid green color of the grass. Today we talk to someone who is responsible for keeping that grass in perfect condition, regardless of the wear and tear it endures on a regular basis.

Allen Reed is the Director of Stadium Grounds for Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX. He joins the podcast to explain the process that goes into keeping the field pristine, some of the tricks of the trade and the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

The Music Industry & eSports: A Match Made in Heaven?

As the world of eSports continues to grow towards becoming a billion dollar business, it has found itself increasingly crossing paths with the music industry. Scott Sidway spoke with Johnathon Angers of Ngage Esports about not only the growth of the sport in general, but how and why artists and record labels are taking an interest.

Angers discusses musicians’ interest live streaming, performances at major eSports events, and even why some have taken ownership in some eSports teams.

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